Getting Started with JEViewer


  • Download and unzip file. Open folder and double-click JEViewer.exe file to start application.
  • NOTE: The first time you run JEViewer you may get a one-time notice from Windows about “unrecognized software.” This is normal for unsigned software. To bypass it just click the “More info” link on that window and “Run anyway” on the next window.

  • To remove JEViewer, simply delete folder with application and data.


  • Load files
    • Press F1 to load visualizations.
    • Press F2 to load note files.
  • Zoom image and resize ellipse
    • Zoom/drag image with UP/DOWN arrow keys and mouse/wheel.
      • NOTE: software is optimized for keyboard and mouse, but not touchscreen.
    • Increase pointer ellipse with RIGHT/LEFT arrow keys or with middle and right mouse buttons.
    • Activate lamp direction by pressing F5, F6, F7 and F8.
    • Press HOME to reset image position and background.
  • Type notes
    • BACKSPACE or DELETE and type notes.
    • You may also drag and drop text from WJEO.
    • Increase or Decrease text size with F3 and F4.
    • Hide pointer by moving mouse into notes pane.
  • Save
    • Press TAB to capture snapshot and notes in application folder.
  • Press and hold F9 for splash screen.
  • Press and hold F11 to record animation frames to application folder.
  • Toggle F12 for keyboard shortcuts.