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Library of “Miscellanies” Visualized

Updated 4/8/2018

These visualizations are based on the Table to the “Miscellanies” (WJE 13:125–50).

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Abolish Ceremony Law — “Abolishing the ceremonial law” (WJE 13:125)

Abraham Believer Calling Father Progress Redemption — “Abraham, his calling in the progress of redemption; the father of believers” (WJE 13:125)

Blood Christ Wash Filth Sin — “Blood of Christ: how it washes away the filth of sin” (WJE 13:127)

Church Visible Admit — “Church: visible, Christian, who ought to be admitted into it, see Watts’ Works, 2, 453 ff” (WJE 13:128)

Color Light Type Grace Spirit — “Colors of light, types of the graces of the Spirit” (WJE 13:128)

Common Illumination — “Common illumination” (WJE 13:128)

Communication Properties Christ — “Communication of properties in Christ” (WJE 13:128)

Eternal Exist World Disprove — “Eternal existence of the world disproved” (WJE 13:132)

Impotence Moral Excuse Sin — “Impotence: moral, don’t excuse sin” (WJE 13:137)

More to come …