Book Contract

Below are the criteria and terms of publication.

The primary criteria are as follows:

  1. Manuscript must be Edwards-focused.
  2. Manuscript must contain current scholarship (or be updatable).
  3. Manuscript must be excellent, academic-level work.
  4. Author must submit a well-edited manuscript with footnotes and bibliography formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style.
  5. All quotes and references to Edwards' writing must come from the Yale critical edition of The Works of Jonathan Edwards.
  6. Manuscript will be subject to peer review.
  7. Author must be willing to make suggested edits and updates.

Upon acceptance, at no cost to the author, JESociety Press will do the following:

  1. JESociety Press will edit and typeset the manuscript according to our house style.
  2. JESociety Press will design cover art with suggestions from the author.
  3. JESociety Press will create an index for the book.
  4. Upon completion of the project, JESociety Press will provide five copies of the book to the author along with an electronic copy to share with reviewers.
  5. JESociety Press will create a web page for the book, as well as announce the book’s publication on various social media.
  6. JESociety Press will send copies of the book to the North American Jonathan Edwards Centers (Yale, Gateway, PRTS).
  7. JESociety Press will keep 100% of royalties made on any sales. (Royalties from sales rarely recover the costs of 1-6).

By checking the box and signing below, I agree to the above publication terms: