Edwardseana, Fall 2017

The third annual issue of Edwardseana from the Edwards Center at TEDS is now available with great book reviews and events in the field of Jonathan Edwards Studies, including a feature story on JESociety (pp. 20–23). Download

Why Visualize Jonathan Edwards?

The Works of Jonathan Edwards have been rightly hailed as a singular monument to America’s Theologian — “no comparable digital resource for an American religious figure exists.” But what remains to be done with this mountain of text? Mine it and discover the veins of its precious metals! This is a task for deep visualization….

For What does Christ Die?

For What does Christ Die?: Jonathan Edwards on Divine Justice and Atonement—S. Mark Hamilton. Introduction. Jonathan Edwards’ doctrine of atonement has been the source of some recent and focused interest in the literature. Until recently, the majority of his interpreters had characterized Edwards’ doctrine as on the one hand, “Anselmian” by which is generally understood that Edwards subscribed to the doctrine of the absolute necessity of the atonement rather than what we might think of as full-orbed satisfaction model.