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Building on his earlier work in God-Haunted World, Bright Shadows intends to foster a devotional frame of mind—attentiveness and contemplation in our everyday lives, on every occasion. There are manifold reminders of God’s presence around us if we would only take time to ponder them. The great American theologian Jonathan Edwards believed that all of reality—creation, events, history—are filled with communication which confirms the Bible. It is Boss’s hope that this book will help you tune in, like early Evangelicals, to the symphonic harmony of all creation and to the BRIGHT SHADOWS of DIVINE THINGS that point to the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. Robert L. Boss (2017). 5.25 x 8 inches, Paperback, 170 pages.

  • Illustrated from cover to cover. Designed to engage readers.
  • Innovative format and style.
  • Based on solid devotional practices of Christian spiritual giants from Church History—Jonathan Edwards, John Bunyan, and many others.
  • Re-opens a window to an enchanted world that confirms the teachings of the Bible—many Scripture references.
  • Written simply and clearly.

Douglas A. Sweeney
—Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
“Rob Boss, Director of the JESociety, is the most thoughtful and creative independent Edwards scholar at work today…This most recent, little book, nicely illustrated throughout, offers extended rumination on Edwards’ natural typology (i.e. his investigation of the natural world for emblems of the divine). It is pitched as a devotional aimed at other serious Christians as well as seekers who are lovers of the beauty of the world. It uses Edwards’ famous notebook, “Images of Divine Things,” as a deep well of insight into the “nature” of reality, a nature that was made by God, Boss contends with Edwards, to reflect God’s glory and point sensitive souls to Scripture, which interprets its worldly sights and sounds in comprehensible ways… This foretaste of the meal Boss has readied for hungry readers is enough to give you the flavor of the feast on offer. Spiritually-minded nature lovers will eat it up.”
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This collection of essays provides fresh contributions pertaining to the life, times, and thought of the Puritan Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758). As each writer comes from a different background and perspective—pastors, students, and professional theologians—each has something unique to say about Edwards. Some of the essays are more devotional in nature, while others are entirely technical. Yet tying all of these various perspectives together is the towering eighteenth century figure of Jonathan Edwards. Edited by Matthew V. Everhard and Robert L. Boss (2016). 8.5 x 11 inches, Paperback, 138 pages.

Douglas A. Sweeney
—Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
“A product of the innovative Jonathan Edwards Society, a brainchild of this volume’s co-editor, Robert Boss (, the book is beautifully designed, replete with 19 different figures (i.e. illustrations), and features a wide range of topics in Edwards studies. My favorites were the essays by Sarah Boss, Rob’s daughter and a recent college graduate, who contributed a lovely piece on “Edwards and Thoreau: Typologies of Lakes”; and Chris Woznicki, the son of immigrants from Poland and Guatemala, who asks a question based on the work of Robert Jenson (a well-known Lutheran theologian), “Jonathan Edwards: America’s Theologian? A Latino Evaluation of Jonathan Edwards’s Harmartiology.” Other readers will surely find different chapters to love.”
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Drawing on the resources of Scripture, Church history, Jonathan Edwards’ writings, and other creative Evangelical theologians, God-Haunted World is a visual exploration of the nexus between Scripture and Nature in the theology of Edwards. Methods of data visualization and associative thinking have been used to illustrate the vast network of Edwards’ emblematic thought. Robert L. Boss (2015). 8.5 x 11 inches, Paperback, 246 pages.

Douglas A. Sweeney
—Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
“Boss is right about this. I recommend his book to everyone who is interested in typology and/or Edwards’ radically theocentric vision of the cosmos.”

Kenneth P. Minkema
Jonathan Edwards Center, Yale University
“… a truly innovative approach to Edwards that beckons to the poetic.”

Stephen G. Dempster
—Crandall University
“A provocative presentation of a neglected part of Jonathan Edwards’ theology … The universe has not only been created by God, it is literally kept by the power of God every nanosecond and it scintillates with revelation and insight for those who have eyes to see. It is a place where there is no mute fact—everything, from insects to elephants, from molecules to mountains, has a story to tell … Boss makes a compelling case for a renewed appreciation of our natural world.”

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