Hell: Visual Edwards Library

This series maps all of Edwards’ mentions of Hell, Damnation, Degree, Eternity, Judgment, Justice, Misery, Punishment, and Torment. The maps include all word variations with their page locations in the Yale print edition of The Works of Jonathan Edwards, vols. 1-26.

As it were, Types

The phrase AS IT WERE mapped to the word TYPE and all of its related forms in WJE 1-26: antitype, antitypes, antitypical, archetypal, archetype, archetypes, hypotyposes, hypotyposis, type, typed, types, typical, typically, typification, typified, typifies, typify, typifying

Self-Determination and Conversion

A visualization of terms and their locations related to Contingence, Conversion, Guilt, Indifference, Merit, Regeneration, Renovation, Self-Dependence, and Self-Determination in WJE 1–26.

Conversion of Children

A visualization of keywords in the “Miscellanies” table entry “Conversion … of children, [78], 849” and related words throughout WJE 1–26.

Conversion, the method or steps of the work

A visualization of keywords in the “Miscellanies” table entry “Conversion … the method or steps of the work, 899; a work in some sense a continued work and often repeated, 847” and related words throughout WJE 1—26.

A Theology of Joy

JESociety Press is pleased to announce the publication of A Theology of Joy: Jonathan Edwards and Eternal Happiness in the Holy Trinity by Dr. Matthew V. Everhard

“Condition of acceptance with God”

A visualization of keywords, along with their various forms, from entry in JE’s table to the “Miscellanies” — “Condition of acceptance with God the same under the Old Testament as the New, 874” mapped across the Yale edition of his printed Works.