Gerald McDermott’s Latest Book: A New History of Redemption

I am excited to recommend Gerald R. McDermott’s latest book, A New History of Redemption: The Work of Jesus the Messiah through the Millennia.

In the spirit of Jonathan Edwards’s History of the Work of Redemption, McDermott skillfully navigates the intricate web of redemption woven throughout the pages of the Bible and the annals of Church history. He leads readers on an exploration of the links between Israel, redemption by the Jewish Messiah, secular and sacred history, world religions, Jewish-Christian worship, and more. By tracing the redemptive work of Jesus as Messiah from the earliest days of Old Testament history to the present day, McDermott offers readers a compelling narrative spanning the last two thousand years.

Listen to this June 14, 2024 podcast interview with McDermott which provides an overview of this major work: