Theology and the Art of Temptation

Theology and the Art of Temptation is a new podcast where the devils Doctor Freefall and his apprentice Slidefoot discuss how to twist theological truths in order to tempt and manipulate their subjects. Their expertise lies in Jonathan Edwards and spiritual awakening. “Their foot shall slide in due time.”—Deut. 32:35

Join us on The Assignment as we delve into the mind of Doctor Freefall, a seasoned demon tasked with derailing the Great Awakening. Through cunning plans and dark whispers, explore how Freefall attempts to weaponize Jonathan Edwards’ fervent sermons against the very souls they aim to save.

Upcoming episodes of Theology and the Art of Temptation include Doctor Freefall’s diabolical advice to his apprentice Slidefoot on:

  • The False Allure of “Holiness”
  • The Terrible Influence of Excommunication on Divine Favor
  • The Sinful Delight of Rebellion
  • The Great Deception of False Familiarity
  • The Divine Paradox of Human Sinfulness
  • The Coil of Prudence
  • The Scope of Christ’s Redemption and Its Implications
  • The Justification of Eternal Punishment
  • The True Shadows of Greatness
  • The Agony of Diabolical Futility
  • The Subtle Shadows of Doubt: Twisting the Acceptance of Christ
  • with a new episode every week. . .

The Assignment by JESociety

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