Meeting Christ at His Table

This learned and judicious treatment of Jonathan Edwards’ doctrine of the Lord’s Supper is now the place to begin for serious readers. It places Edwards’ doctrine reliably in historical, practical, and theological context, helping students understand the reasons Edwards was ejected from his pulpit in Northampton—and helping Christians participate in this sacrament more faithfully and holily. – Douglas A. SweeneyBeeson Divinity School Samford University

Popular Evangelical thinking about the Lord’s Supper is a paltry affair, to say the least. One way forward to a greater appreciation of this vital means of grace is a renewed consideration of how the Table was viewed by our spiritual forebears. In this regard, David Luke’s fresh and ground-breaking study of Jonathan Edwards’ eucharistic theology would be an excellent starting-point. Highly recommended! – Michael A.G. HaykinChair and Professor of Church History The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY

Students of Edwards have often concentrated on the communion controversy in Northampton, as a result of which Edwards lost his job. Yet every two months Edwards preached sacrament sermons which concentrated on Jesus Christ, the work of redemption, and Christian experience. This volume is an excellent introduction to the variety of perspectives these sermons offered on this spiritual feast. – Michael McClenahanProfessor of Systematic Theology Union Theological College, Belfast

With meticulous attention to Edwards’ writings and to his sermons, both published and unpublished, David Luke examines all the pertinent issues. The study is thorough, yet readable and accessible, must-reading for Edwards specialists and for all with an interest in the theology of the Lord’s Supper and participation in it. – David McKayProfessor of Systematic Theology, Ethics and Apologetics, Reformed Theological College, Belfast and minister of Shaftesbury Square Reformed Presbyterian Church

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