The Miscellanies Project

A Unique Contribution

There is a history of efforts to map the relationships among Edwards’ notebooks and sermons. Wilson Kimnach provides a wonderful diagram of dependencies in volume 10 of WJE. “The Miscellanies Project” of the JESociety is a contribution to this effort. This project will enable scholars to conduct deep, comparative visual analyses of JE’s Miscellanies a–1360 as a whole.

The unique contribution of “The Miscellanies Project” will be a wide range of theological, visual analyses which serve as maps to JE’s thought in his Miscellanies. These analyses reveal never before seen patterns and clusters and their exact locations in volumes 1–26 of WJE.

JE scholars will be invited to contribute to The Miscellanies Reader which will be the print publication of the project. The Reader will be accompanied by a rich online exhibition on

We are excited that Douglas A. Sweeney, Director of JECTEDS, will be writing the Foreword to The Miscellanies Reader and providing other assistance and expertise on this project.

Call for Submissions

The Miscellanies Project is now inviting contributors. Participants in this project must have at minimum a master’s degree in history, theology, philosophy, religious studies, literature, or related fields, or be able to demonstrate their qualifications to contribute to the project.

Stage One: Topic Selection – Deadline December 1, 2017

The first stage in The Miscellanies Project will be identifying topics of interest.

  • Peruse the Miscellanies Index and select one or more (preferably three or more) of Edwards’ entries.
  • Take note of important keywords in the title and body text of the entries (but not in the footnotes).
  • Complete the submission form below.
  • You will be notified if your selection is not available.

Stage One Submission Form

Alternatively, you may email the required information to info@jesociety with “Contributor” as the subject line.

Stage Two: Article Submission – Deadline June 1, 2018

Articles for The Miscellanies Reader should be approximately 3,000 words.

Stage Three: Publication – estimated December, 2018

Online exhibition and publication of The Miscellanies Reader.