Call for Papers: The Miscellanies Companion, Volume 2

Call for Submissions [CLOSED]

Students and scholars are now invited to contribute essays for publication in The Miscellanies Companion, Volume 2, Foreword by Kenneth P. Minkema, Executive Director of the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University. Click here for details about the previous Miscellanies Companion.

Participants in this project must have at minimum a master’s degree in history, theology, philosophy, religious studies, literature, or related fields, or be able to demonstrate their qualifications to contribute to the project.

Essays should be 5000–7000 words and follow Chicago Manual of Style and the citation formats for WJE at All citations and quotations of Edwards must be from the letterpress or online Yale edition. Essays should not be previously submitted or published elsewhere.

Projected timeline as follows:
Topic submission deadline – June 1, 2020
Essay submissions due – December 31, 2020
Publication by JESociety Press – Fall 2021

Topic Selection

The first step for contributors will be identifying their topics of interest.

  • Consult list of topics already selected (see below).
  • Peruse the Table to the Miscellanies for subjects of interest.
  • Select a topic (not the Miscellanies numbers).
  • Complete the submission form below.
  • Upon approval, contributors will be contacted with next steps and essay guidelines.

Submission Form

Alternatively, you may email the required information to rob@jesociety with “Submissions” as the subject line.

Topics selected for Miscellanies Companion, Volume 2

*The contributor submissions below are groups of topics which may be included in a single essay.

Grace: efficacious grace; free grace; freeness of grace; grace: common & special; habit of grace; irresistible grace; nature and grace; predominancy of grace; restraining grace; Spirit’s operation; supernatural grace

Miracles (& Supernatural)

Providence & Sovereignty of God

Liberty of conscience, Conscience, Law of nature

Beatifical vision, colors of light

Blood of Christ, Grace, Happiness, Scripture, Perseverance, Regeneration, Sovereignty of God

Holiness, Religion, Faith, Righteousness, Morality

Hell, Eternity of future punishment, and Extremity of hell torments


Religion, Christian Religion

Heathen, their salvation (evangelizing the unconverted Native Americans and Africans; conversion of heathen nations)

Heathen philosophers, Heathen world, Heathens had much from ancient tradition

Perseverance, Obedience, Signs of Godliness

Union with Christ

Judgment Day, Justification, Christian Religion (Edwards’ interaction with John Taylor on these points)

Sufferings of Christ, Agony of Christ (and related Miscellanies)

Moral and spiritual virtue, Virtue

Church discipline, Means of Grace

Wisdom of God in creation, Heaven


Happiness of God, Perfection of Holiness

Corruption of Nature, Original Sin, Pride, Self-Love

Adam, the head and representative of his posterity, Adam’s first sin, how far imputed to his posterity

Covenant (of grace, of redemption), persons of Trinity, Christ’s subordination

Incarnation, Being of God

Baptism of infants

Free will

Infants’ conversion or regeneration, Conversion of children

Conversion, Regeneration (the process, instant/progressive, infant, true/false)

Visible church

Languages, Mysteries, Spiritual Knowledge

Death, Resurrection

World will come to an end

New earth

Divinity of Christ; The Fall and the Fall of Angels; Humiliation and mortification; Immortality of the Soul; The Lord’s Day; Christ as Messiah and Mediator

Degrees of glory, Self-love

Table of Contents to Miscellanies Companion, Volume 1

Acknowledgments — i
Contributors — vii
Foreword, Douglas A. Sweeney — ix
Introduction, Robert L. Boss — xi
What does Hell have to do with the Trinity?, Christopher Woznicki — 1
Edwards’ Doctrine of The Immanent Trinity, Adam G. Cavalier — 19
A New Trinity: The Trinity ad extra in Edwards, Obbie Tyler Todd — 41
Edwards on Reason, Revelation, and Mystery, Jonathan S. Marko — 65
Edwards on Reasonable Christianity and Necessary Revelation, Jonathan S. Marko — 79
Edwards’ Comet: “Miscellanies,” Meteors, and the End of the World, Sarah B. Boss — 89
A World that Excites Devotion, Robert L. Boss — 105
Edwards on God’s Immediate and Arbitrary Operations, S. Mark Hamilton — 119
Preparationism in Edwards’ Theology of Evangelism and Missions, Adam G. Cavalier — 149
Edwards on China, Victor Zhu — 169
Edwards on Covenant Theology, David Mark Rathel — 185
Edwards’ Vision of the Millennium, Victor Zhu — 199
A Millennial Vision of One Glorious and Amiable Society, Bonghyun Yoo — 209
Edwards in Defense of a Literal Millennium, Bonghyun Yoo — 221
Edwards on Happiness, Matthew Everhard — 233
Edwards’ Vision of Happiness as the Divine and Human Goals of God’s Creation, David Luke — 245
Edwards and the Timeless Time of God’s Decrees, Toby K. Easley — 257
Providence and Prayer for Advancing the Kingdom on Earth, Bonghyun Yoo — 277
Edwards on Gospel Holiness as God’s Perfect Salvation, Roy Mellor — 289
Edwards on the Importance of the Sabbath, David J. Arnold — 301
Edwards on Glory as the End of Creation, Brandon James Crawford — 311
Index — 323