Invitation for Contributors

Call for Submissions The Miscellanies Project is now inviting contributors. Participants in this project must have at minimum a master’s degree in history, theology, philosophy, religious studies, literature, or related fields, or be able to demonstrate their qualifications to contribute to the project. [Read more about The Miscellanies Project and Reader] Stage One: Topic Selection – Deadline…

Bright Shadows of Divine Things

Building on his earlier work in God-Haunted World, Bright Shadows of Divine Things: The Devotional World of Jonathan Edwards intends to foster a devotional frame of mind—attentiveness and contemplation in our everyday lives, on every occasion. There are manifold reminders of God’s presence around us if we would only take time to ponder them. The…

Freedom of Will

Below is a visualization of Freedom, Sovereignty, and Election in the Miscellanies of Jonathan Edwards.

John H. Gerstner’s Interleaved Bible

Recently we received an interesting email regarding the late Edwardsean scholar and theologian Dr. John H. Gerstner: In the 1990’s my pastor, Dr. Carl Bogue, told me on at least two occasions of an interleaved Bible kept by the late Dr. John H. Gerstner. Evidently, it was a rather large Bible (unlike the JE interleaved…

Angels and Providence

Below is a visualization of Angels and Providence in the Miscellanies of Jonathan Edwards. Drag w/mouse, zoom w/mousewheel + when enlarged you can pinch/zoom/drag on touchscreen device Click here to enlarge

Religion and Affections

Below is a visualization of Religion and Affections in the Miscellanies of Jonathan Edwards. Drag w/mouse, zoom w/mousewheel + when enlarged you can pinch/zoom/drag on touchscreen device Click here to enlarge

Sin and Virtue

Below is a visualization of Sin and Virtue in the Miscellanies of Jonathan Edwards. Enlarge image by hovering mouse or pinching and zooming

The Shape of Edwards’ Thought

Miscellanies Visualized Once participants in The Miscellanies Project have selected their Miscellanies and keywords, a custom visualization will be created to reveal the “shape” of Edwards’ thought based upon their submitted criteria. Contributors will be able access their visualization on a password protected page. See the example below: Drag w/mouse, zoom w/mousewheel + when enlarged…

The Miscellanies Reader

A Unique Contribution There is a history of efforts to map the relationships among Edwards’ notebooks and sermons. Wilson Kimnach provides a wonderful diagram of dependencies in volume 10 of the WJE. “The Miscellanies Project” of the JESociety is a contribution to this effort. This project will enable scholars to conduct deep, comparative visual analyses…

The Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia

Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758) is widely acknowledged to be one of America’s most important theologians and considered a fountainhead of American evangelicalism. He not only played an important role in his own time but also influenced the generations that followed in profound ways. Many thanks to the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University and Wm. B….

Update: The Miscellanies Project

JESociety’s “Miscellanies Project” is progressing at a brisk pace. Below is a brief outline which provides a few details of our roadmap. The Goal: Produce deep, comparative, visual analyses that span the entirety of “Miscellanies” nos. a–1360 Discover subtle nuances and new connections in JE’s thought Example Question: Query: What is JE’s related thinking on…

Douglas Sweeney’s Review of Bright Shadows of Divine Things

Sweeney’s Booknotes: Bright Shadows of Divine Things Selection: Rob Boss, Director of the JESociety, is the most thoughtful and creative independent Edwards scholar at work today…This most recent, little book, nicely illustrated throughout, offers extended rumination on Edwards’ natural typology (i.e. his investigation of the natural world for emblems of the divine). It is pitched…