A Brief Infographic Explaining The Miscellanies Project

What is It and What’s Next?

Recently a contributor, after selecting his areas of research and receiving his custom map of JE’s “Miscellanies,” replied in an email and asked what the next steps would look like. Great question! The visualization is meant to serve as a deep relational index and a helpful reference when the contributor is researching articles. Each contributor will bring their own expertise to the Project! The Miscellanies Reader will be a collection of these articles written by the contributors, while the visualizations will become the basis of an online exhibition (animations, videos, interviews, and more).

I have created the deep-zoom infographic below to explain how to read the visualizations. The example is based on the topics Being, Virtue, and Love.

Navigation: Click to zoom in. Click-drag to pan. Mouse wheel to zoom in or out. Alt-click-drag to create a zoom rectangle. Full screen option on toolbar.