Update: The Miscellanies Project

JESociety’s “Miscellanies Project” is progressing at a brisk pace. Below is a brief outline which provides a few details of our roadmap.

The Goal:

  • Produce deep, comparative, visual analyses that span the entirety of “Miscellanies” nos. a–1360
  • Discover subtle nuances and new connections in JE’s thought

Example Question:

  • Query: What is JE’s related thinking on 3 topics, e.g., imputation, atonement, justification, and how do they connect with each other and other tangential topics?
  • Result: A vivid map of JE’s thought which reveals connections in his theology, clusterings of his ideas, and their exact page locations in “Miscellanies” vols. 13, 18, 20, 23 of the Works of Jonathan Edwards.


  • On the web as interactive presentations/infographics
  • Video animation
  • Print publications/commentary
  • “Live” installation on the web where researchers can type in search terms and receive visualizations in real-time

It is our hope that “The Miscellanies Project” will spawn research and writing opportunities for new and upcoming scholars.

If you would like to receive updates on the Project’s progress and research/writing opportunities, send an email request to rob@jesociety.org.