Jonathan Edwards Meets Early Church Fathers

Visual Edwards software can now compare the 26 volume Yale edition of The Works of Jonathan Edwards with the 37 volumes of Ante-Nicene and Post-Nicene Early Church Fathers. Create one search profile for all corpora and then visualize. Quickly generate volume/page references. Zoom, markup, annotate, animate, and more.

Unraveling JE with Visual Edwards Software

The idea behind the Visual Edwards project is to visualize the writings and thought of Jonathan Edwards in a creative way which facilitates exploration, study, and presentation. The sophisticated, image-rich theology of Edwards is a perfect match for today’s visual and tech-driven culture.

1430. Jesus & Anointed

Visualization 1430. “ANOINTED, why JESUS is so called” (WJE 13:126) with locations highlighted where anointed, Jesus, and related terms occur in phrases or near each other.


A visualization of select keywords from “Miscellanies,” no. h. DEATH OF A SAINT.

Religion and Affections

Below is a visualization of Religion and Affections in the Miscellanies of Jonathan Edwards. Drag w/mouse, zoom w/mousewheel + when enlarged you can pinch/zoom/drag on touchscreen device Click here to enlarge

Sin and Virtue

Below is a visualization of Sin and Virtue in the Miscellanies of Jonathan Edwards. Enlarge image by hovering mouse or pinching and zooming

Update: The Miscellanies Project

JESociety’s “Miscellanies Project” is progressing at a brisk pace. Below is a brief outline which provides a few details of our roadmap. The Goal: Produce deep, comparative, visual analyses that span the entirety of “Miscellanies” nos. a–1360 Discover subtle nuances and new connections in JE’s thought Example Question: Query: What is JE’s related thinking on…