Unraveling JE with Visual Edwards Software

The idea behind the Visual Edwards project is to visualize the writings and thought of Jonathan Edwards in a creative way which facilitates exploration, study, and presentation. The sophisticated, image-rich theology of Edwards is a perfect match for today’s visual and tech-driven culture.

1430. Jesus & Anointed

Visualization 1430. “ANOINTED, why JESUS is so called” (WJE 13:126) with locations highlighted where anointed, Jesus, and related terms occur in phrases or near each other.


A visualization of select keywords from “Miscellanies,” no. h. DEATH OF A SAINT.

Religion and Affections

Below is a visualization of Religion and Affections in the Miscellanies of Jonathan Edwards. Drag w/mouse, zoom w/mousewheel + when enlarged you can pinch/zoom/drag on touchscreen device Click here to enlarge

Sin and Virtue

Below is a visualization of Sin and Virtue in the Miscellanies of Jonathan Edwards. Enlarge image by hovering mouse or pinching and zooming

Update: The Miscellanies Project

JESociety’s “Miscellanies Project” is progressing at a brisk pace. Below is a brief outline which provides a few details of our roadmap. The Goal: Produce deep, comparative, visual analyses that span the entirety of “Miscellanies” nos. a–1360 Discover subtle nuances and new connections in JE’s thought Example Question: Query: What is JE’s related thinking on…