Jonathan Edwards Meets Early Church Fathers

JONATHAN EDWARDS MEETS EARLY CHURCH FATHERS: Visual Edwards software can now compare the 26 volume Yale edition of The Works of Jonathan Edwards with the 37 volumes of Ante-Nicene and Post-Nicene Early Church Fathers. Create one search profile for all corpora and then visualize. Quickly generate volume/page references. Zoom, markup, annotate, animate, and more.

Recent software developments:

  • Color-coded WJE keyword search/analysis
  • “Quickview” feature: Enter vocabulary terms, copy text to clipboard, get quick visual analysis of terms. Create a more detailed query spanning The Works of Jonathan Edwards volumes 1-26. Develop a search profile and visually compare other texts
  • Hi-res previews and screenshot snipping
  • Markup features: Quickly preview and zoom into visualizations of The Works of Jonathan Edwards and the Early Church Fathers. Markup with colored pens, arrows, polygon shapes, annotations, save screenshots, record screen animations, and more

The Miscellanies Companion, Volume 2, is shaping up beautifully. It will include a chapter on War by Commander Timothy Demy of the U.S. Navy War College co-authored with Christian Cuthbert, a chapter by John T. Lowe from the University of Louisville on Edwards and Native Americans and their role in the biblical metanarrative of redemption, a chapter on Edwards and the conversion of infants and children by Jamie Brummett, assistant professor at University of North Carolina Wilmington, a chapter on Edwards’s theology of death and resurrection by Robert Caldwell, professor of church history at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, along with many more wonderful contributions by an array of scholars.

This volume will include chapters by both seasoned and younger scholars which explore Edwards’s notebooks on topics related to Natural Law, Death and Resurrection, Apologetics, Degrees of Glory, Self Love, Original Sin and Corruption, Free Will, Heathen Religion and Revelation, Edwards’s Early Pursuit of Holiness, Typology, Hell, John Taylor, Reception of Christ and Conversion, Conversion of Infants and Children, Special Providence, Election to Incarnation of the Logos, New Earth, Union with Christ, Covenant Theology, Faith and Perseverance, War, Beatific Vision, Happiness of God, Means of Grace, Headship of Adam and Imputation of Sin, and more. Publication is slated for Fall 2021.