Bright Shadows

Click here to view the current interactive videos in the Bright Shadows series. A new video is published every Monday morning.

Announcing the launch of Bright Shadows: Interactive Video Series, part of the Visual Edwards project. Bright Shadows explores Jonathan Edwards’ notebook “Images of Divine Things.” The interactive videos contain clickable comments and links to entries in Edwards’ notebook in the Works of Jonathan Edwards Online.

The video series builds upon the book Bright Shadows of Divine Things: The Devotional World of Jonathan Edwards. Of the book, Douglas Sweeney, Dean of Beeson Divinity School, described Bright Shadows as an:

…extended rumination on Edwards’ natural typology (i.e. his investigation of the natural world for emblems of the divine). It is pitched as a devotional aimed at other serious Christians as well as seekers who are lovers of the beauty of the world. It uses Edwards’ famous notebook, “Images of Divine Things,” as a deep well of insight into the “nature” of reality, a nature that was made by God, Boss contends with Edwards, to reflect God’s glory and point sensitive souls to Scripture, which interprets its worldly sights and sounds in comprehensible ways… This foretaste of the meal Boss has readied for hungry readers is enough to give you the flavor of the feast on offer. Spiritually-minded nature lovers will eat it up.

Below is a Vimeo showcase of the current videos in the Bright Shadows series. The Vimeo videos do not contain the clickable links and comments, but they are closed captioned. Closed captions for each video can be activated with the CC button on the player.

The Bright Shadows series is under active development with more videos on the way.