Death and Resurrection

Death and resurrection—the two concepts are deeply intertwined in the Christian psyche. They form the final structure to the storyline of Jesus Christ in the four gospels; they saturate the apostolic teaching in the New Testament; and early Christian creeds witness to the fact that although human beings die, the Church from its earliest days…

Eternal, Death, Annihilation: Visual Edwards Library

This is a map of Edwards’ mentions of Annihilate, Annihilated, Annihilates, Annihilating, Annihilation, Death, Deathbed, Deathbeds, Deathly, Deaths, Eternal, Eternally, and Eternals with their page locations in the Yale print edition of The Works of Jonathan Edwards, vols. 1-26.


A visualization of select keywords from “Miscellanies,” no. h. DEATH OF A SAINT.