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Fresh essays from pastors, students, and theologians on Jonathan Edwards …

Now Available: A Collection of Essays on Jonathan Edwards

This collection of essays provides fresh contributions pertaining to the life, times, and thought of the Puritan Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758). As each writer comes from a different background and perspective—pastors, students, and professional theologians—each has something unique to say about Edwards…

For What does Christ Die?

For What does Christ Die?: Jonathan Edwards on Divine Justice and Atonement—S. Mark Hamilton. Introduction. Jonathan Edwards’ doctrine of atonement has been the source of some recent and focused interest in the literature. Until recently, the majority of his interpreters had characterized Edwards’ doctrine as on the one hand, “Anselmian” by which is generally understood that Edwards subscribed to the doctrine of the absolute necessity of the atonement rather than what we might think of as full-orbed satisfaction model.

Collection of Essays

We have recently received the essay submissions for the proposed Edwards volume. Matthew Everhard, General Editor, has reviewed the submissions and overseen their proofing and editing. JE Society will be taking the project through its next several stages including layout, production, and publication. The volume is tentatively titled A Collection of Essays on Jonathan Edwards.