TYPES EXPLORER: “Edwards Among the Emblem Writers”

Jonathan Edwards famously penned,

I am not ashamed to own that I believe that the whole universe, heaven and earth, air and seas, and the divine constitution and history of the holy Scriptures, be full of images of divine things, as full as a language is of words; and that the multitude of those things that I have mentioned are but a very small part of what is really intended to be signified and typified by these things: but that there is room for persons to be learning more and more of this language and seeing more of that which is declared in it to the end of the world without discovering all.

Types, WJE 11:152

The Renaissance and Early Modern period witnessed the printing of over six thousand emblematic books which covered a wide variety of topics including military, amorous, religious, political, and didactic.

TYPES EXPLORER, a new addition to the Visual Edwards Project, visualizes Edwards’s notebook “Images of Divine Things” and compares and concatenates his program of natural typology with the wider emblem book genre.

More to come.