Blood Series: Visual Edwards Library


Included in the Visual Edwards Library, this series maps all of Edwards’ mentions of Blood, Bloodguiltiness, Bloodiness, Bloods, Bloodshed, Bloodthirstiness, Bloodthirsty, Bloody, Christ, Christed, Christless, Christlike, Christs, Filth, Filthily, Filthiness, Filthy, Injustice, Justice, Justices, Justifiable, Justification, Justified, Justifier, Justifies, Justifieth, Justify, Justifying, Sin, Sinful, Sinfully, Sinfulness, Sinless, Sinlessness, Sinned, Sinner, Sinners, Sinnest, Sinneth, Sinning, Sins, Unjustifiable, Unjustified, Unwashed, Wash, Washed, Washes, Washing, and Washings. The maps include all word variations with their page locations in the Yale print edition of The Works of Jonathan Edwards, vols. 1-26.

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“A Confluence of Theology, Technology, and Art”

These PDFs are fully zoomable and won’t pixelate at high magnification. With features native to PDF reader software, text can be highlighted, post-it style notes can be added, node locations and views can be bookmarked, and the text within the map (words, titles, page locations, as well as any user-added research notes) can be searched, plus more. Each PDF can serve as a research repository.