As it were, Types

The phrase AS IT WERE mapped to the word TYPE and all of its related forms in WJE 1-26: antitype, antitypes, antitypical, archetypal, archetype, archetypes, hypotyposes, hypotyposis, type, typed, types, typical, typically, typification, typified, typifies, typify, typifying

Self-Determination and Conversion

A visualization of terms and their locations related to Contingence, Conversion, Guilt, Indifference, Merit, Regeneration, Renovation, Self-Dependence, and Self-Determination in WJE 1–26.

Conversion of Children

A visualization of keywords in the “Miscellanies” table entry “Conversion … of children, [78], 849” and related words throughout WJE 1–26.

Conversion, the method or steps of the work

A visualization of keywords in the “Miscellanies” table entry “Conversion … the method or steps of the work, 899; a work in some sense a continued work and often repeated, 847” and related words throughout WJE 1—26.

“Condition of acceptance with God”

A visualization of keywords, along with their various forms, from entry in JE’s table to the “Miscellanies” — “Condition of acceptance with God the same under the Old Testament as the New, 874” mapped across the Yale edition of his printed Works.

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Abrogation of Ceremonial Law

“Ceremonial law abrogated, 559, 1027, 1034, 1040, 1107, 1148, 1201, 1203, see [Poole’s] Synopsis on Deut. 10:16.” An entry from the Table to the “Miscellanies,” WJE 13:127, mapped across the 26 print volumes of the Works of Jonathan Edwards, Yale edition.