John H. Gerstner’s Interleaved Bible

Recently we received an interesting email regarding the late Edwardsean scholar and theologian Dr. John H. Gerstner:

In the 1990’s my pastor, Dr. Carl Bogue, told me on at least two occasions of an interleaved Bible kept by the late Dr. John H. Gerstner. Evidently, it was a rather large Bible (unlike the JE interleaved Bible) that sat atop a swivel-table of some sort. Dr. Gerstner would copy into it anything in Jonathan Edward’s corpus that was a comment on a passage of Scripture. This was a life-long project and supposedly had grown into a very large project. Dr. Gerstner died in 1996, and I haven’t heard a word about it since. Maybe there is some enterprising scholar/sleuth out there who could found out its whereabouts. Whether it was completed or not I’m sure there are many like myself that would be grateful to see this work made available!

James C.P. Morgan
Auburn Township, Ohio

A Gerstner Interleaved Bible would be a find indeed!