Dr. Adriaan Neele

Dr. Adriaan Neele referencing “The Miscellanies Project” of JESociety while lecturing on research methodology in a doctoral seminar at PRTS. Thanks to Matthew Dowling for this photo.

A Brief Infographic Explaining The Miscellanies Project

What is It and What’s Next? Recently a contributor, after selecting his areas of research and receiving his custom map of JE’s “Miscellanies,” replied in an email and asked what the next steps would look like. Great question! The visualization is meant to serve as a deep relational index and a helpful reference when the…

Grace and Heart

  A video visualization of relationships between the topics “Grace” and “Heart” in the “Miscellanies” of Jonathan Edwards. Nodes represent titles, keywords, and volume:page locations in the Works of Jonathan Edwards. Lines represent shared relationships between nodes. Call for Submissions to “The Miscellanies Project”

Freedom of Will

Below is a visualization of Freedom, Sovereignty, and Election in the Miscellanies of Jonathan Edwards.